• For Home & Business Owners

    We Help You Transition to Solar Energy With Confidence


    With ZERO Out of Pocket Costs Up-Front

    1 Start Saving Money Day One
    2 Become Energy Independent
    3 Go Green!
    4 Increase the Value of your Home
    5 Save Thousands of Dollars Long Term

    6 Get the Best Technology from the Best Providers

    7 ZERO Up-Front Cost


    (you will be taken to powur.com/upstart.energy)

  • For Entrepreneurs

    Help Champion the International Adoption of Clean Energy!

    Our Team of Trusted Advisors Help Homeowners and Businesses

    Save Money and Achieve Energy Independence


    Learn How To Get Paid to Help Solve the Planet's Biggest Challenge

    The greatest transformation in the history of energy is happening right now. We are on the cusp of an exponential growth curve that will change how we power our homes in the next decade.

    See Powur from an investor's point of view by visiting Powur's recent equity crowdfunding raise on Wefunder. Email me for more details about joining my team, and to see if we are a good fit for each other.

  • About

    A Team of Independent Certified Solar Energy Advisors

    Carol Cole-Lewis

    Principal - Upstart Energy

    Carol is passionate about helping homeowners go solar and mission-focused entrepreneurs to do well by doing good. What gets her out of bed in the morning is finding good people that make this world move, and she’s on a mission to help them move it through solar social entrepreneurism.




    Ideas We Like

    Homeowners: have you been thinking about going solar, but don’t know who to trust, or what questions to ask prospective solar installers? Join us at Round Table Pizza in Lakeport (821 Eleventh St - near Safeway) on Saturday February 9, 2019 at 1130am for “Go Solar With Confidence” - a fun and...
    March 3, 2018 · Solar Guide,Rooftop solar,zero-down solar,Solar Energy
    Announcing our latest workshop: Go Solar With Confidence. If you would like to schedule a workshop for your group, Contact Us. We are independent, certified solar energy advisors. Our mission is to connect you with the most trusted solar companies so that you can transition to solar energy with...
    Carol Cole-Lewis and I, along with our fellow entrepreneurs, met John Bolenbaugh at the Powur Disruption Event this past weekend. The residents down river from Enbridge’s pipeline have been suffering and fighting for years. This video of John's is particularly poignant and galling because it...
    April 23, 2017 · awaken the dreamer,Solar Energy
    Saving money is awesome--and for the first time in history, solar energy can compete and win against alternatives, due to both cost reduction and zero-down financing for homeowners. But that doesn't explain why an upstart platform for getting people to go solar will disrupt and decentralize a $6...
    September 4, 2016
    A first of its kind film that shares climate change's biggest untold solution. It’s a story whose time has come. It's a story that could heal our planet. And, it's a story that needs help being told. 
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