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Disrupt and Decentralize

Why This Will Work

· awaken the dreamer,Solar Energy

Saving money is awesome--and for the first time in history, solar energy can compete and win against alternatives, due to both cost reduction and zero-down financing for homeowners. But that doesn't explain why an upstart platform for getting people to go solar will disrupt and decentralize a $6 trillion industry.

It's all in WHY.

Why do we need to disrupt and decentralize the energy industry?

Besides the obvious, saving money, energy independence, less waste in transporting energy, there are deeper reasons why.

Here are my thoughts on WHY:

  • Because energy in the form of fossil fuels is laying waste to our world.
  • Because most of the political, social and environmental difficulties can be traced back to the systems that extract fossil fuels and exploit people and planet for profit.
  • Becasue the suffering this is causing to the human and non human beings is massive.
  • Because people are awakening to the reality of this situation and they demand a change.
  • Because awake people are an unstoppable force.
  • Because people want to make a living doing something that matters.

Moving western society off fossil fuel matters. Big time. Even if the how isn't yet right, our WHY is so huge that we will figure out the how.

This has been my life's work. I have been working on the "how" for most of my adult life. From clean tech to appropriate tech to changing consicousness... decades on this particular problem. In all that time, even as we overcame tech challenges, I learned this:

The greatest barrier is NOT technology it is story.

Today, I am excited and infused with great hope. Why? Because this week I saw evidence that we are literally changing the story we tell ourselves. Human beings are abandoning an old story, a dream, that promises life but creates death. We are leaving the trance of this old story. Now, We embrace a New Story--a New Dream.

Yes, we will see a surge in solar energy. And this is just the beginning.

-- Denise Rushing


The Pachimama Alliance has been undertaking a workshop entitled Awakening the Dreamer for many years now. Their most recent version (the first I've seen it their 2 hour format while at Powur's Disrupt and Decentralize Event) is fantastic. In just under two hours we acknowledge where we are as a planet and go from there to how we got here, to where we want to be, to what we can do about it. You can donate here:

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